Resident Evil 7 Banned Footage Vol 2 DLC Details

The second Banned Footage DLC for Resident Evil 7, simply called Volume 2, is coming out today, on February 14th. The DLC includes 2 new story chapters that tie into the main game, as well as one new separate game mode. Only PS4 players are getting it today, however. PC and Xbox users will have to wait until February 21st.

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Resident Evil 7 Banned Footage Vol 2 DLC Details
Resident Evil 7 Banned Footage Vol 2 DLC Details

Right on Valentine’s Day, it’s time to revisit the lovely Baker mansion. In Banned Footage Vol 2, you’ll get the chance to uncover more about the proceedings of Resident Evil 7. You have your pick between two story chapters to do so. There’s also one pretty silly extra game mode to add a little more levity to the situation. We’ll go over what the DLC offers in the list below.

  • 21
    You play as Clancy, once again trapped by one of the Bakers. This time, it’s Lucas, and you’ll be playing a deadly game of blackjack. Prepare to literally gamble life and limb in this Saw-like story chapter.
  • Daughters
    This chapter will allow you to experience the events leading up to Resident Evil 7 for yourself. You’ll find out more about what the Bakers where like before everything began. All of you who have completed RE 7 should be particularly curious over this one.
  • Jack’s 55th Birthday
    It’s Jack’s birthday, and he’s hungry! You’ll have to run around the mansion looking for stuff to feed him, all the while fending of enemies. If you simply couldn’t get enough of Marguerite’s exquisite Cajun-style cuisine, this is tailor-made for you! This game mode doesn’t support PS VR.

If you’ve bought the Deluxe edition of the game, you’ll get the DLC as part of the package, just like Vol. 1. If not, you’ll have to shell out $15. However, it seems like it’s worth the money. If you own the PlayStation 4, enjoy yourself. Xbox and PC players will have to be patient for another week. On the bright side, they’ll get both Vol. 1 and 2 on the same day.

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