Sniper Elite 4 Review Roundup - Things to know before you buy

Choosing the perfect gift for Valentine’s day is not an easy thing. It might be a bit simpler now, with all the newest games coming out on the same date. One of them is Sniper Elite 4. If the game’s reviews play some role in making a decision whether to buy the game or not, we’ve prepared a list of all the reviews and scores we could find.

Sniper Elite 4 Review Roundup List
Sniper Elite 4 review roundup

Sniper Elite 4 – Before you buy

We’ve gathered a small list of Sniper Elite 4 reviews you might find interesting. While you might agree or disagree with some of them, you can’t refuse to acknowledge the fact the many of them come in together. The game is not the best there is, but it seems many are fond of it.

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In general, the reviewers have awarded it decent scores. A lot of them are due to its gameplay style and how it offers the player good fun.

They emphasize the positive feeling of freedom throughout the missions, no matter the approach you choose. The good old X-Ray kills fame doesn’t wear off at all it seems. A lot of the reviewers call it the best title in the rich series. The amount of collectibles in the game offers more story, and it is genuinely a good thing, even though sometimes there are a bit too many.

The negative reactions aren’t that strong. Some of them point out that the extra effort you put in some missions sometimes doesn’t reward you that much. All that talk about freedom isn’t really important if you are forced to play in one specific way. The enemies don’t seem too smart. If you’ve played the previous games, you pretty much know what to expect and there aren’t many surprises here.

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