Sonic Forces Classic Green Hill Gameplay Video Released

Sega have released a new gameplay video from Sonic Forces, a new game starring the famous blue hedgehog. It shows off the classic portion of the game, which is a 2D sidescroller in the vein of the Sonic games of yore. Of course, they chose Green Hill Zone for the showcase. Because it’s not a stage we’ve seen recycled a million times.

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sonic forces classic green hill gameplay
Sonic Forces Green Hill Zone

Well it certainly looks Sonic-y to me. But I’m not really what you’d call a hardcore fan of the series. If the screen is a blur with a blue stain in the middle, and upbeat chiptunes blasting from the speakers, it’s Sonic enough. More devoted fans, however, have taken to Youtube to express their dissatisfaction. The most common complaint is that it looks too much like Sonic Generations. Take a look for yourself:

Some people are complaining about the camera as well, saying it’s so far away from Sonic and that it breaks the illusion of speed. Others aren’t happy about the dead stop landing after a jump. The game isn’t as divisive as Generations, at least not yet, but it looks like it’s already splitting the fanbase into two camps. Of course, it was to be expected – when you remake a game that was a big part of someone’s childhood, you’re bound to make a few people angry.

There doesn’t seem to be a consensus on what constitutes a good Sonic game – features someone thinks are essential to the series are a thorn in someone else’s side. Whatever decision the devs make, someone’s going to hate them for it. One thing’s for certain – we wouldn’t want to be in charge of the project.

Sonic Forces is going to be relased some time this year, but the exact launch date hasn’t been revealed yet.

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