Prey Difficulty Settings Explained - Easy, Normal, Hard, Nightmare

Prey difficulty settings allow you to finely tune the challenge in this space survival game. Before you begin the game, you’ll get to choose one of four different categories – easy, normal, hard and nightmare. But the game does a poor job of explaining the differences, and it forgets to mention whether you can change difficulty on the fly. We’ve delved deeper into the topic, to try to shed some light onto Prey difficulty settings.

prey difficulty settings explained
Prey difficulty settings

Before you start a new playthrough, you’ll get to choose your difficulty. The choice isn’t permanent – you can change it if you feel the game is too easy/too hard for you. As we’ve mentioned, there are four settings:

  • Easy – This one is meant for players interested only in seeing how to story unflods. It offers minimal challenge. You won’t have to be economic with your ammo, and you won’t have to worry too much where you invest your skill points. If you’re new to this type of game, this is the one you should pick. You’ll deal high damage and receive minimal damage.
  • Normal – This setting is meant for players already familiar with the genre, but aren’t too interested in a challenge. The description reads: “Use your wits, weapons and abilities to survive”. If you’re looking for the way the developers intended it to be, this is it. Expect a few close calls here and there, but nothing too taxing.
  • Hard – When you hover over it, the game warns you: “Your wits are the only thing that will keep you alive.” This one was meant for hardened veterans, people familiar with the trappings of the genre, and generally, those interested in a proper challenge. You’ll have to conserve ammo, and think long and hard about each and every skill point you invest. You’ll deal less damage and receive more damage than normal.
  • Nightmare – If you’re the kind the person to enjoy fighting against the odds, you’ll like this one. Once you pick it, the game claims that “nothing can save you”. It will probably take a toll on your quick save/load keys. But it will be memorable. You’ll deal minimal damage and receive high damage.

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  1. R

    This really didn’t explain the “difficulty settings” at all. How much more damage do we take on each harder difficulty? And how much less damage output? Are there less medkits lying around? THOSE are difficulty settings.

  2. D

    You also forgot to mention if you can change difficulty on the fly or not.

  3. B

    Is tHey an god mod I HATE DYEING N VID GAME.

    1. A
      A concerned Person

      Are you ok?

  4. B
    bennett c miller

    I am all for taking more damage and having less ammo but doing less damage just makes the really hard to kill enemies more of a slog to kill

  5. J

    Whatever the difficulty level you can’t just go in and shoot.
    Most of the guns are pretty useless, in fact if you put the game in easy and try to play with glue and shotgun you will struggle a lot.
    If you upgrade repair and hacking, you can put the game in hard mode, you will just have to walk around with a turret, glue the enemy in front of the turret and it will feel really easy.
    Difficulty really sucks in this game.

    And enemies reswpawning all the time… damn thats frustrating, I know the map is small, but plz this ship is overcrowded.

    The game is either Super easy if you play it the boring way.
    Or super hard if you play it the fun way (like a shooter)
    But in both way its not rewarding.

    1. V

      I disagree with a lot of what you’re saying. Guns do a good amount of damage if there is a status effect on the enemy. An upgraded shotgun in combination of the GLOO gun does incredible damage. Throw in a sneak attack or Combat Focus and you can kill most in 1 shot. I could kill nightmares in seconds on Normal.

      My first play through I used only guns and no Typhon abilities. Once you get a strategy, which there are many, it’s pretty easy and I found the game very enjoyable. If you want something that you can be sloppy and have no strategy then this isn’t the game for you. Play CoD if you want that.

      1. O

        i agree my dude

  6. L

    what about story mode????
    where on this list would story mode fall into?
    0 story
    1 easy
    2 normal
    3 hard

    Or is Story Lv. 5? harder than NIGHTMARE

    1. S
      Shane wolski

      No, story mode is not lvl 5, meaning its harder than nightmare. It is lvl 0 as you have it listed. It is easier than the easy difficulty setting. You would have to actively sek to try to get killed to die vwry often on story setting. It is meant for ppl that dont want to worry about prettty much anything except the storyline unfolding. I hope this helps. Good luck and have a good one everybody. I hope you and yours are all safe in this difficult time.

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