Splatoon 2 Singleplayer Footage from E3 Released

During their E3 presentation, Nintendo showed a chunk of footage from Splatoon 2’s singleplayer mode. They’ve now released that footage in the form of a trailer, complete with commentary. You can watch it in full below, but be warned – it’s half an hour long.

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splatoon 2 singleplayer e3 demo
Splatoon 2 singleplayer

The video starts off by brielfy showing us the new hub, Inkopolis Square. The singleplayer is accessed through a manhole in the corner of the square. The demo player ends up in Tentakeel Outpost, which is another hub that connects all the missions. He then talks to the guide, Marie, who’s there to take Captain Cuttlefish’s position.

As they start the mission, the developers mention that this is still the best place to get to know the weapons, as well as learn and practice skills you’ll need in multiplayer. One of the bigger changes is that now you have armor. When your health drops, you won’t instantly die – instead, you’ll lose your armor first. The armor will restore on its own after a while, provided you don’t take more damage. You can even speed up the process by diving into your ink.

When you’re beating a level for the first time, you’ll have to use specific weapons assigned to you by the game. After that, if you decided to replay a mission at Sheldon’s behest, you’ll get to choose your loadout.

One of the interesting additions they’ve shown is Rollonium, which is scattered around levels. When hit with a roller (possibly shot with ink, too), it shoots off and leaves behind it a wide trail of paint. The roller now has a charge attack as well, which lets you swing it vertically, shooting a thin stream of paint a bit farther than you’d expect.

Splatoon 2 is going to launch on Nintendo Switch, on July 21st.

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