Stardew Valley Developer Reveals New Content Details for 2018

The developer of Stardew Valley has revealed some of the new content that’s planned for the upcoming content update. There’ll be a new town event and NPC events, a new type of collection, outdoor decorations, the option to re-spec professions, and more.

Stardew Valley Developer Reveals New Content Details for 2018
Stardew Valley Developer Reveals New Content Details for 2018

Those of us that have played (and perhaps still play) Stardew Valley and enjoyed it have some pretty fun stuff coming our way in 2018. There’s the multiplayer mode, which should launch some time next year, as well as something having to do with ships. According to a tweet from Eric Barone, aka ConcernedApe and developer of Stardew Valley, there’s a lot more down the pipeline. The tweet lists several of the new features planned to hit Stardew Valley in the (relatively) near future.

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First off, we can look forward to a new town event during the in-game winter. Similarly, you’ll be able to start a new type of collection during your first winter. This will be pretty interesting to explore if you opt to start a new, multiplayer game of Stardew Valley. Another interesting detail is the upcoming introducing of signs, which “can display any item on them.” My prediction is that this will allow you to trade with other players, and signs will make it easier, since you can simply out them up to show what you’re selling. I could be horribly wrong, of course.

Another detail, if kinda minor, will be an addition of new outdoor decorations, some of which will change with the seasons. Somewhat more interestingly, there will be more NPC events. Finally, 2018 will eventually introduce a way for you to re-spec professions. So, all in all, 2018 will be a pretty interesting year or Stardew Valley. If you haven’t played it in a while, you might wanna come back for a while. Same goes if you haven’t played it before.

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