Pokemon GO Holiday Event Info Leaks on Taiwanese Google Play

More details of the upcoming holiday event in Pokemon GO have leaked on Google Play in Taiwan. If the leak is legit, and it seems that it is, there’s a lot to look forward to. There’ll be special boxes on sale that’ll feature a new item, ten new Pokemon from the Hoenn Region, and even the debut of Delibird.

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Pokemon GO Holiday Event Info Leaks on Taiwanese Google Play
Pokemon GO Holiday Event Info Leaks on Taiwanese Google Play

Very recently, a leak on Google Play in Taiwan has surfaced, courtesy of Reddit user kk5566, who also provided the translation. The leak is an ad of sorts for the upcoming Pokemon GO holiday event, and it reveals some more details about what we can expect once the event launches. Unfortunately, the leak doesn’t tell us when exactly the event will start, but it is enough to whet the appetite.

The first item on the list are the “special sale boxes”. In these boxes, you’ll find an incubator, and a new item, called “Star Piece”. It’ll be interesting to see what this new item will bring to Pokemon GO. Next up, we can look forward to ten new Gen-Three Pokemon from the Hoenn Region. So far, so good. Also, the “special festival Pikachu” will be making a comeback. At least, I assume that it’ll be Pikachu with the Santa hat again. Maybe they have something new in store.

Saving the best for last, the Pokemon Delibird will apparently make his debut during the holiday event. Considering that Delibird’s shtick is throwing presents at enemy Pokemon, there really is no more appropriate time for it to join the party. All of this sounds engaging enough for dedicated trainers, to be sure. Maybe even bring back some people back to the game. Seeing how Niantic is now offering special item bundles to inactive trainers via email, and Pokemon GO didn’t break the top-20 most downloaded games on iOS, it’s safe to assume that they need the boost in numbers.

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