Stardew Valley Developer Shares Screenshot of Multiplayer Mode

In a recent tweet, the creator of Stardew Valley Eric Barone shared a screenshot of the long-awaited multiplayer mode. There’s four player characters in the shot, and two houses on the same farm. Also, the rest of the upcoming content is apparently finished, so the only thing that’s left is fine-tuning the multiplayer.

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Stardew Valley Developer Shares Screenshot of Multiplayer Mode
Stardew Valley Developer Shares Screenshot of Multiplayer Mode

I, like many, many other Stardew Valley fans, can’t wait for the multiplayer mode to come out. Yes, it is because I want to play it with my significant other. The launch of the multiplayer mode is coming closer, at least, according to developer Eric Barone, aka ConcernedApe. It’s supposed to come out some time in Q1 2018. And, it seems that it’s almost complete.

In a recent tweet, Barone has shared a screenshot of the multiplayer mode, which you can see above. There’s four characters in the shot, which comes from a LAN party that Barone hosted. According to the tweet, there’s still some way to go in perfecting the multiplayer, but it’s definitely close! What’s interesting about the screenshot itself is that there seem to be two houses next to each other on the same farm, so it appears that the players will be sharing the farmland.

As for the other content that Barone is preparing (which we’ve talked about in our previous Stardew Valley article), it’s ready to go, according to another tweet. So, the only thing that’s left is polishing the multiplayer, and all the new content will be ready to roll out. This will include a new winter event in the town, a new collection, more NPC events, and, of course, the option to respec your profession. Oh, and if you’ve been wondering if you’ll be able to marry one of the other players in the game, the answer is yes, you absolutely will!

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