State of Decay 2 Day One Patch Fixes Many Bugs

The developers of State of Decay 2 are promising a pretty robust Day One patch. The game is currently in early access, so it’s kinda rough around the edges, as games in early access tend to be. The developers are taking the game extremely seriously, so I’m sure they’ll deliver a fairly polished product on launch date with the day one patch.

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State of Decay 2 Day One Patch Fixed Many Bugs
State of Decay 2 Day One Patch Fixes Many Bugs

State of Decay 2 is currently in early access, so, needless to say, the game isn’t exactly in the best of states. In fact, as some reviewers like Eurogamer have pointed out, there’s some pretty serious game-breaking bugs currently plaguing State of Decay 2. Some of the issues include the Code 6 error that has been causing trouble for people trying to join multiplayer coo-op games in State of Decay 2. And, as annoying as those can get, I suppose that’s to be expected from a game in early access.

Fortunately, that’s all very likely to change on release date. The game’s launch date is May 22nd, and the game will get a Day One patch. In fact, those that have been playing the game have noticed some updates already hitting the game. That being said, there’s probably something much bigger coming on launch date. The first State of Decay released in a not-exactly-ideal state itself back in the day, so the pressure is kinda on Undead Labs to delivered a polished product. Sure, bugs are fine in early access, but the full release is a whole different matter.

Of course, the developers are taking State of Decay 2 pretty seriously, it being a tentpole franchise for Microsoft and whatnot. As director said in a Metro interview a while ago (via Windows Central): “As we continue to support and develop the game that’s gonna be a focus for us, it’s going to be continuing to fix bugs people are encountering and improving the experience overall.” So, don’t worry, the game is in good hands.

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  1. P

    I have encountered a game destroying bug where i have enlisted a follower and all of a sudden they become either invisible or visible but i cannot interact with them, either way it is then impossible to dismiss them so i cannot recruit another follower. Does anyone know of a way to fix this? should i just restart the game every time this happens? Lets hope the day one patch includes fixes to this bug.

    1. I

      I found this bug to be quite frustrating as well. The only way that I found to get rid of it is if you remember what person is following you and switch to them in the community tab. Hopefully after you change to that person, the character you just changed from should appear in front of you as an active follower. Then you can dismiss them if you want.

      1. T

        Yup, this is the only way to fix it.

        1. P

          Wait till you get a survivor mission .. qhen you add them as a follower, your “real” follower will re-appear .. works for me anyway

    2. S

      Go to home base and go to the character select screen, then switch to the character that was following you. your old character will be following you now, and the dissapeared one respawns as your playable character. now just dismiss your previous character

    3. Q

      Restart the game, it fix’s a lot of the bugs, then they come back.
      Some bugs are permanent, especially the graphic bugs.
      Anyone ever notice the clip from your sidearm and the silencer remain suspended in the air, outside the vehicle when you have entered it?
      There are just too many to list, I have over 20 bugs noted, and none of the updates fix any of them.

  2. K

    I encounters many game breaking bugs while playing. One bug stopped me from completing missions, I would do the mission up to a certain point then there would be no objective but the mission was still incomplete. Another bug is that there is absence of survivors talking, they don’t speak a word until I reset the game but they quickly stop talking after a few minutes. I hope these are fixed on the patch.

  3. L

    I’m currently frustrated with a UI disappearing bug, half the time I’m trying to manage crazy hordes, or switching between menus too fast, I’ll lose all my UI and basically have to restart to get it all back. Hopefully this is all adjusted in the patch as well.

  4. J
    James vilatoro

    The game doesnt even load for me

    1. G

      Same here. a shame to launch a game in this state of decay

  5. M
    Mauro Junior

    I destroyed the plague and it ended there. My leader does not release the following … or talk to the group after I killed the plague.

    1. G

      I’m having the exact same issue. I have all my survivors as heros and a sheriff leader and after destroying the plague hearts. I’m getting no new missions to complete the game. Really annoying!

  6. C

    So far the only issues I’ve come across that really tick me off are from multiplayer. Joining my husband’s game caused our flashlights to bug out and be covered with shadow images, very annoying and it hinders your vision. Also extreme lag and people’s legs hovering instead of moving.

    Single player has been a lot smoother, but I’m planning on being in multiplayer a lot so I hope this gets fixed asap. Mainly the lag.

    1. C

      Thats good to know. I’ve been playing singleplayer, but my wife and I were thinking about buying another xb1x so we could play together instead of a new couch… guess we’ll get the couch this month lol

  7. J

    I am SOOOO Sick of developers releasing an unfinished product. Just because you can download a patch doesn’t mean you should have to just to make a game polished and finished and complete!

    1. P

      The whole point of them doing this is to have an many play testers as possible. You can only play an test a game so much in the studio. And if you bought the early access pre order you should have been prepared for it. I understand being mad at companies that do a full release that’s buggy then do a patch a week later. But to get mad at a company that is doing it the right way and doing a live open beta version is just plain ignorant.

  8. J

    Only issues I have found are:
    *Car doors sometimes not opening when driving for added zombie bashing.
    *Supply locker disappearing and inaccessible during multiplayer.
    *Lost a brand new member of the community when changing home site.
    *Sudden collisions when driving causes car to fly 2000 feet in the air.
    *Facilities not showing in multiplayer.
    Nothing game stopping.
    Still, a cracking game.

  9. T

    I’ve had the game since the 18th and have not seen or heard of a release date patch as of yet…which SUCKS! I bought an xbox to play this game and although in having a blast with it I’ve had multiple bugs keep coming up
    ● I get stuck crawling when in houses and unless I take damage from a zonbie I can’t interact with people, lootable items, doors or attack anything. The only fix is restarting the game
    ● Invisible cars in roads
    ● Cars glitching out into guard rails or stuck on small rocks
    ●Partners becoming invisible
    ●screen cuts to black for a few seconds out of no where
    These are the most pain in the ass ones I’ve come across and really sucks when these happen in the middle of an intense part of the game

  10. L

    turn of motion blur??

  11. R

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but there is still no patch as of 2 days after release.

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