State of Decay 2 Day One Patch Fixes Many Bugs

The developers of State of Decay 2 are promising a pretty robust Day One patch. The game is currently in early access, so it’s kinda rough around the edges, as games in early access tend to be. The developers are taking the game extremely seriously, so I’m sure they’ll deliver a fairly polished product on launch date with the day one patch.

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State of Decay 2 Day One Patch Fixed Many Bugs
State of Decay 2 Day One Patch Fixes Many Bugs

State of Decay 2 is currently in early access, so, needless to say, the game isn’t exactly in the best of states. In fact, as some reviewers like Eurogamer have pointed out, there’s some pretty serious game-breaking bugs currently plaguing State of Decay 2. Some of the issues include the Code 6 error that has been causing trouble for people trying to join multiplayer coo-op games in State of Decay 2. And, as annoying as those can get, I suppose that’s to be expected from a game in early access.

Fortunately, that’s all very likely to change on release date. The game’s launch date is May 22nd, and the game will get a Day One patch. In fact, those that have been playing the game have noticed some updates already hitting the game. That being said, there’s probably something much bigger coming on launch date. The first State of Decay released in a not-exactly-ideal state itself back in the day, so the pressure is kinda on Undead Labs to delivered a polished product. Sure, bugs are fine in early access, but the full release is a whole different matter.

Of course, the developers are taking State of Decay 2 pretty seriously, it being a tentpole franchise for Microsoft and whatnot. As director said in a Metro interview a while ago (via Windows Central): “As we continue to support and develop the game that’s gonna be a focus for us, it’s going to be continuing to fix bugs people are encountering and improving the experience overall.” So, don’t worry, the game is in good hands.

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