State of Decay 2 Motion Blur - How to Disable

State of Decay 2 motion blur can be uncomfortable for some, and there’s no way to turn it off. It’s a post processing effect that smudges the image, making it less sharp when you move the camera around. It can be unpleasant, and most games let you turn it off from the settings menu. Not this one, though. You’ll have to fiddle with a config file if you want to remove the nasty effect. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to disable motion blur in State of Decay 2.

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state of decay 2 motion blur how to disable
State of Decay 2 Motion Blur – How to Disable

How to turn off motion blur?

Before you start making any changes, make sure to backup the file in question. That way, you can restore the original version if you mess something up, instead of waiting to reinstall the entire game.

The file you’re looking for is called GameUserSettings.ini and you’ll find it in /Users/your_username/App Data/Local/Packages/Microsoft.Dayton_1.3137.99.2_x64/Local State/State of Decay 2/Saved/Config/UWP/. Once you’ve found (and backed up) the file, open it in Notepad. If you want to disable motion blur, you should look for the lines containing MotionBlurQuality, PostProcessQuality, and DOFQuality. Set the value of each of these to 0. In theory, changing the first one should suffice, but it doesn’t always to the trick. Save the file and run the game, and everything should be in order.

State of Decay 2 hasn’t been having the best early start. People are complaining about the code 6 error, and a lot of folks don’t even know how to play coop. It’s been a rocky ride so far, and even things as simple as getting your Doomsday pack ultimate edition bonus items seem to be causing problems. The game is going to be properly released on May 22nd, and we hope the day one patch fixes most of the issues.

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