Steam Winter Sale Extremely Cozy Cottage - How it Works

The Extremely Cozy Cottage is a fun little promotion included with the Steam Winter Sale. It’s like an advent calendar, with one door unlocking every day. Each little door contains up to three digital items, including emoticons, profile backgrounds, and the special little knick-knacks. The promotion will last until January 3rd.

Steam Winter Sale Extremely Cozy Cottage - How it Works
Steam Winter Sale Extremely Cozy Cottage – How it Works

This year’s Steam Winter Sale is under way, casing much joy for gamers and untold woes to their wallets and bank accounts. There’s a ton of games that are on serious discounts, as is always the case. The list is too long to catalog here, and includes the likes of Monster Hunter World, AC Odyssey, Far Cry 5, Dark Souls 3, etc. This year’s sale also adds a bit of a twist to the formula – the Extremely Cozy Cottage. Let’s analyze it and see how it works.

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By the looks of it, the Steam Sale Extremely Cozy Cottage is a kind of advent calendar, just moved a bit date-wise. You come back each day and pen the little “cardboard” door to receive “up to three digital items.” Said items range between emoticons, backgrounds for your profile, etc; plus, the Knick-Knacks, a special type of “consumable.” Consuming the Knick-Knacks goes towards upgrading the Kinck-Knack Collector badge, as well as a “cozy, comforting message.” Don’t worry if you miss a day; you can always come back and open all the doors at a later date.

Just keep in mind that the kinck-knacks will expire on February 2nd at 10 PM Pacific, much like the Winter Sale trading cards. Also, the Extremely Cozy Cottage promotion will last until January 3rd, meaning that we can look forward to a total of fourteen doors. Interestingly, the page mentions that there will be “more to come” on December 24th, so it should be fun to see what else they have in store for us. My guess would be just more doors, because the page currently only has four.

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