SteelSeries Introduces The Prime Collection

Gaming peripherals and accessories manufacturer SteelSeries has unveiled their brand-new collection – the Prime collection. Created through close collaboration with over 100 renowned e-sport athletes, this collection is designed for professional tournament use. Prime has one goal and one goal only – to help you win. Inspired by rally cars and their design, the SteelSeries Prime is a collection that focuses on quality.

SteelSeries Introduces The Prime Collection

SteelSeries Prime – For Professional Gamers

E-sport matches demand excellence and dedication from their players, so it’s only natural that players should expect the same from their gaming equipment. SteelSeries Prime consists of the following high-quality peripherals:

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– Prime: play like a pro. The Prime mouse is ergonomically shaped and weighs just 69g. It’s damage-resistant and, like every Prime mouse, comes with SteelSeries’ innovative magnetic optical switches, designed to last more than 5 times than their competitors’ products and provide lighting-fast reaction times. The TrueMove Pro sensor can be set up and calibrated in numerous ways. Cost: €69.99.

SteelSeries Prime Collection

– Prime+: geared towards professionals that want even more options. The Prime+ mouse expands on the design of the Prime to offer extensive settings which do not require additional software. It weighs 71g, a mere two grams more than the Prime, and its TrueMove Pro+ technology and extra sensor produce a superior e-sports experience. Cost: €89.99.

SteelSeries Prime Collection 2

– Prime Wireless: play like a pro, without having to worry about cable management. Prime Wireless has all the advantages of the regular Prime mouse, minus the cable. It weighs 80g and has a durable battery that provides over 100 hours of fast-paced, uninterrupted gaming. Its TrueMove Pro sensor has 1-to-1 tracking and multiple options and settings. Cost: €139.99.

– Arctis Prime: professional sound. With noise-cancelling leather covering, they are both comfortable and will let you focus solely on your gaming. Arcis Prime’s audio driver allows you to hear every sound in the game and it comes with a first-class microphone – ideal for gaming sessions. Cost: €119.99.

To celebrate the debut of its Prime collection, SteelSeries will host a tournament on its official Twitch channel in June 2021. You can read more about the Prime collection – as well as order it – on SteelSeries’ official website.

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