Biomutant How to Change Weapons & Equip Healing Items

Changing your weapons and equipping healing items in Biomutant are, as you can probably guess, pretty important mechanics if you’re to survive the game’s savage, war-torn world. The problem is that the equipping system works a little different than in most games. In all honestly, it’s unnecessarily complicated. That being the case, in our Biomutant How to Change Weapons & Equip Healing Items guide, we’ll show yo how to change your weapon from the Gear tab, how to use healing items, etc.

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biomutant how to change weapons & equip healing items
Biomutant How to Change Weapons & Equip Healing Items

How to Equip Healing Items in Biomutant

To equip healing items in Biomutant, the first step is to enter your inventory and go into the Consumables tab. From there, find the thing you want to equip in the list. Once you find it, hit the “Favorite” button prompt that you can see in the bottom right (R3 on PlayStation, T on PC). This will bring up the wheel of consumables. Pick the slot you wish to put the healing item into, and off you go. You can place the item into an empty slot, but also into an already full one, which replaces the item that was there previously. It’s a bit complicated for no real reason, but oh well.

how to equip healing items biomutant
Favorite the item in the Consumables tab & pick a slot

How to Change Weapons in Biomutant

To change weapons in Biomutant, go into the Gear tab in the menu. On your character model, click on either hand, depending on which one you want to put the weapon into. It can be either your main hand or the off hand, that’s up to you. Once you click on the hand you want, you’ll see a list of weapons that you can equip. Highlight the one you want, then hit the Favorite button, as in the example above (R3 on PlayStation, T on PC). This brings up the weapon wheel, so just select which slot you want to place the item into, and you’re good to go. Selecting an occupied slot will swap the weapons. You can go through this hole rigmarole in the Craft menu, too.

how to change weapons in biomutant
Select a hand in the Gear menu & favorite the weapon
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