SteelSeries Reveals New Sensei 10 Gaming Mouse

SteelSeries has recently released the new member of the Sensei family of gaming mouses – the Sensei 10. The mouse comes with eight mechanical buttons that are stress-tested to 60 million clicks, and a high-end “TrueMove Pro” optical sensor. And, best of all, it doesn’t feature garish neon colors and unnecessary sharp edges, as if it were a race car.

SteelSeries Reveals New Sensei 10 Gaming Mouse
SteelSeries Reveals New Sensei 10 Gaming Mouse

The Sensei 10 is the latest mouse in the Sensei series, made by SteelSeries. The line has been going on for the past ten or so years, and they’re known for making high-end gaming peripherals. The Sensei 10 sounds like a pretty darn good mouse, made out of high-end polymers, a great optical sensor, and durable buttons. True, it costs $69.99 on Amazon, but I’d say you get your money’s worth. Let’s get into the details, shall we?

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So, what can one expect from the Sensei 10? Well, for one, the mouse is ambidextrous, so both left-handed and right-handed people can use it. Second, it has eight buttons that you can map however you please; there are two on each side, the usual two, the mouse wheel, and one button just behind the wheel. They’re all mechanical buttons, tested to up to sixty million clicks. SO, yeah, that should be pretty durable. Also, the mouse comes with some nice and subtle neon lights, quite in contrast with the usual gaming mice that look like a souped-up Lamborghini.

Another pretty major selling point of the Sensei 10 is its “TrueMove Pro” optical sensor. It has a speed of 450 IPS (inches per second) and 18.000 CPI (counts per inch). This makes it a pretty stable mouse, even when it comes to tracking very fast moves. Speaking of, the “TrueMove Pro” sensor pretty much guarantees 1-to-1 tracking, which is pretty dang good stuff. Whether or not you wanna spend $70 on it, that’s entirely up to you.

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