Fortnite BR Chapter 2 Trailer Leaked, Shows New Medals & Skins

Thanks to diligent data miners and always-at-the-ready Fortnite-specific outlets, the trailer for the incoming Fortnite Chapter 2 has been leaked. It shows glimpses of new gameplay mechanics, like the Battle, Survivor, and Scavenger medals, swimming, fishing, and more. We also get to see several new skins, which I know a lot of you are just dying to see. Seems to me like we’re in for a fun time.

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Fortnite BR Chapter 2 Trailer Leaked Shows New Medals & Skins
Fortnite BR Chapter 2 Trailer Leaked, Shows New Medals & Skins

The first and arguably most major change to the game that we can pick up from the video are the three new medals: Survivor, Battle, and Scavenger. You can upgrade all three of these medals by performing certain tasks. The Battle Medal seems to be tied to killing opponents, Survivor to collecting materials, and Scavenger to either opening chests or collecting weapons, or maybe both. We don’t really know the details just yet. I only caught that one of the “steps” in the Battle Medal is “4 eliminations in the match.” I’m really curious to see how this new system is gonna work.

Then, we have the several new mechanics that the trailer shows us. For one, it seems that Chapter 2 of Forntite is finally going to allow players to swim, and even dive. No more hopping around in knee-deep water and being a total sitting duck. We can also see a moment in which a player jumps out of a dumpster, ambushing another team. I personally love this one, since being sneaky is my main way of playing Fortnite. Another mechanic that bears mentioning and that appears in the video is fishing. I doubt that we’ll be catching actual fish, but I will hazard a guess that maybe this will be a way to get hidden weapons.

Obviously, these are just several moments from a trailer laden with blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments. Check the video out below, and see what you can come up with that I’ve most certainly missed. And, of course, the brand new skins. Either way, we’ll all be seeing the new Fortnite for ourselves real, real soon.

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