Steep Alaska Update Release Date, Monthly Tournament Announced

Ubisoft have announced a new update for Steep, their winter sports game. Patch 1.04 will bring the Steep World Tour tournament to the game, a montly event which will pit players against each other. It brings two new challenge modes with it, as well. They’ve also revealed the release date of the much awaited Alaska update, which will be free for all owners of the game.

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First things first – the Alaska update is coming on February 10th. It’s going to introduce Branded challenges to the game, which will reward players with reputation and Steep credits. If all goes according to plan, these challenges will be coming to the Alps at some point as well.

As for the tournament – the first competition is called Backcountry, and the qualification phase has already started. You’ll have to earn 5000 points in the cursed mountain challenge, which will let you into the tournament phase. Only 32 players per platform will reach the finals, and compete for Steep credits.

Finally, there’s the community challenge feature. It’s not too clear how this works, but these challenges will be created by the players, and others will get to compete in them for reputation points and leaderboard positions. You can expect challenges made by the dev team in this category as well, which will allow you to face off with the game’s creators. They won’t hold special rewards, aside from the pride and joy of outplaying the people who made the game.

Ubisoft have released a trailer to explain things in more detail, as well. The video also contains some tips from the designers, which should help you deal with the challenges more easily. They’re going to do a livestream to show of the Alaska content on February 9th. That’s a great way to see what’s coming, if you have the time to spare.

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