Sudden Strike 4 Release Date Revealed in New Trailer

Sudden Strike 4 will be released on August 11th, according to the latest trailer. It’s coming to PC and Playstation 4, and preorders are already available. Of course they are. Prepurchasing nets you a small discount, some guff like beta access, and most importantly, the original trilogy. This being World War 2, playing through the old ones is in no way mandatory in order to be able to follow the story. But they’re good games.

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sudden strike 4 release date
Sudden Strike 4 release date

If you’re wondering why exactly you should be excited, here’s a little recap. Sudden Strike is a series of real time strategy games with a twist – there’s no base building or unit recruiting. What you start with is what you get. It gives you a handful of units, puts you on a map and gives you an objective.

The fourth installment comes a decade after the last one, and people are obviously hungry for it. It’s going to include a campaign with 20 missions, more than 100 units across the Allied, German and Soviet camps, modding support, skirmish challenges for up to eight players, and the option to pause the game to issue commands. That last one is especially important if you’re an old man like me. The only downside to real time strategies is that they’re not turn based – this makes it almost turn based, which is the next best thing.

There’s reason to be wary, as well. The official blurb mentions commanders with unique abilities – which sounds out of place at best, MOBAish at worst. God I hope it’s not MOBAish. The team handling the game isn’t the most experienced, either, so waiting for reviews would probably be the best choice here.

If you’re into physical editions, boxed copies of the game will go on sale four days after the initial release, on August 15th.

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