Nioh Defiant Honor 2nd DLC Release Date is on July 25

Defiant Honor, the second Nioh DLC, comes out on July 25. It has a new weapon, as well as new armor, Yokai, trophies and more. There’s also a brand new area of Osaka Castle, and fighting new enemies in a winter showdown. One of the most famous enemies will be a legendary Japanese samurai from the sixteenth century.

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Nioh Defiant Honor 2nd DLC Release Date on July 25
Nioh Defiant Honor 2nd DLC Release Date is on July 25

Defiant Honor DLC Information

According to Tom Lee, creative director at Team Ninja, and his PlayStation blog post, this second DLC is in the polishing phase, and it will be ready for launch soon.

Some of the story details revealed show that it takes place in Osaka Castle during a bitter winter. On this journey, William is accompanied by Date Masumane, who fights alongside Tokugawa.

Tokugawa is in conflict with the Toyotomi clan, the one that has the legendary warrior Sanada Yukimura fighting their ranks. He is preparing his forces for war by building a stronghold called Sanada Maru, just on the outskirts of the Osaka Castle. This event, called the Siege of Osaka, actually took place in late 1614. It lasted about three months.

In this DLC, the players can expect everything from the new weapon called Tonfa, armor, magic items, guardian spirits, areas and sub-missions, as well as brand new Yokai and enemies. The players who find Nioh too easy will be pleased to know there will be new difficulty levels and trophies.

Defiant Honor is a part of Nioh’s $25 season pass. It can also be bought separately for $10. This is the second DLC out of three. The first one, Dragon of the North, was released at the beginning of May. The third and final one is called Bloodshed’s End. In this final DLC, whose release date is still unknown, we’ll try to bring the Siege of Osaka to an end.

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