Sundered Release Date Announced With a Pretty Trailer

Sundered, the upcoming metroidvania from the developers of Jotun, just got an official release date. It’s going to launch on July 28th, the newly released trailer tells us. It’s coming to Playstation 4 and PC, and you can now preorder it. Meanwhile, the PC version of the studio’s last game is available for free for a while, on both Steam and GOG.

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sundered release date
Sundered release date

Sundered is a hand-drawn action platformer in which you play Eshe, a woman wandering a strange world and fighting its many aggressive inhabitants. These vary from your run of the mill black hounds to nasty eldritch nasties and ridiculously large bosses. Fear not, as you’ll have the power of darkness on your side. OK, maybe that’s exactly what you should fear. It’s a bit muddled.

It looks grand, though, and it’s going to be a mixture of hand-made and proc-gen levels. It will let you choose whether to succumb to the darkness and get powers, or stay human, brittle and squishy at the same time. Multiple endings are mentioned in the blurb, which probably comes down to taking or skipping the powers.

Here’s what Will Dubé, creative director, had to say about the latest news:

I’m extremely excited to announce that Sundered is releasing on July 28th! From the announcement, to the Kickstarter, to the alphas and betas, the fans have supported us. We thank them with all our hearts and hope to blow their f****** minds!

In the meantime, you can grab Jotun for free from Steam or GOG. It’s a limited time type of thing, so better hurry up. The Steam reviews are mostly positive, with a few complaints sprinkled here and there, but hey, it’s free. You’ve nothing to lose – it’s not like it’ll take up precious space on your shelf or anything.

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