Super Mario Run Android Release Date - When is it coming to Google Play

Super Mario Run is an auto-runner featuring Nintendo’s most popular character. In it, you’ll get to play as the mustachioed plumber in a sidescrolling platformer, as he runs through various levels on his own. All you have to do is perform the jumping. It sounds simple, but in reality, it can be infuriatingly hard. It’s already out on iOS, and an Android version has been announced. But when is Super Mario Run coming to Android?

super mario run android release date
When will Super Mario Run come out on Android?

Sadly, we don’t have any precise information yet. At this time, the Android version is listed as coming in 2017. You shouldn’t expect it before the holidays are over, in any case. We don’t know what’s the reason for the delay, so we can’t offer a useful forecast. It could be problems with porting, or a prolongued testing period (there are thousands of Android devices to account for, with different hardware, screen sizes, display ratios, OS versions). It could be a simple matter of bureaucratic hold up. Or they could be testing the waters with the iOS release, waiting to see if the game makes it or not.

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If it’s the last one… well, don’t hold your breath. Although it had an impressive launch, with 37 million downloads in the first three days, the road ahead is rocky. Critics have praised the game, but the players aren’t as thrilled. The score on the App Store was 2.5 out of 5 at the time of writing, and Nintendo’s shares are going down in value accordingly.

To tell the truth, it might be simply the price point. There’s an expectation that stuff is just free, when it comes to mobile games (or supported by microtransactions). Having to shell out money up front may not sit well with some.

We’re going to update this article when we know more about Super Mario Run’s Android release date.

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