Nier Automata Cypress Stick - Another Crossover Weapon Announced

Square Enix have announced another crossover weapon for Nier Automata. Their upcoming android-battling RPG is going to have several weapons that tie it together with the publisher’s other popular games. They’ve also released a trailer which showcases the new easter egg, as well as one of the older ones.

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We’ve already mentioned the Engine Blade. It’s a weapon from Final Fantasy XV, but it’s so much more than that. The blade is Noctis’ family heirloom, and one of the rare mechanical swords, which can be upgraded through the course of the game. Square have already talked about it having a place in the new Nier. It’s probably not going to be as important and powerful as in FFXV, but it’s a nice easter egg, if nothing else.

The new weapon they’ve only unveiled in the trailer above is the Cypress Stick. It’s a recurring weapon from Dragon Quest, another insanely popular JRPG from Square Enix’ stable. Unlike the Engine Blade, there’s not much to it. It’s literally a stick made of cypress wood. It’s not synonymous with power in DQ, but it’s been around for half a dozen sequels. It’s a gentle nod to fans of the series, more than anything else. Equipping the stick seems to change the look of treasure chests.

The newly released video showcases the two weapons in combat. They do have awesome move sets, but we don’t really have a frame of reference to comment on the damage they do. However, they seem fun to use. They’re probably not going to be among the best weapons in the game anyway. The trailer also introduces some more characters, a couple of cannon fodder enemies and an extremely large boss wielding an obscenely long chainsaw. Cue getting stuck for hours on end.

Nier Automata is going to be released on February 23rd, on Playstation 4 and PC.

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