Super Mario Run Gets Easy Mode, Month-Long Event

This week’s Super Mario Run update brings some interesting new stuff, including an easy mode, a month-long event, additional language support, changes to Toad drop rate and various bug fixes. It’s a hefty patch, and with nice things in store for both regular players and newcomers.

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super mario run easy mode
Super Mario Run easy mode

Although very few people are complaining about the game being hard, it’s great that they’re adding an easy mode. It’s going to allow even more people to enjoy the game. The easy mode removes the time limit, making the experience less stressful, and grants you infinite bubbles.

As for the event, it’s called Golden Goomba, and it’s going to end on Feburary 20th. You’ll have to finish the Kingdom Builder tutorial section before you can get any benefits from the event. Once you do, Golden Goombas are going to start showing up on various levels in World Tour mode. For each one you defeat, you’ll receive thirty coins. You’ll also get a stamp for each one, which will go towards filling a stamp card. Once you’ve filled the card, you’ll get a new building to use in Kingdom Builder mode.

The update have lowered the number of Toads you’ll lose when playing Toad Rally mode, as well as increased the speed at which you get them. Aside from various bug fixes, the developers have also released the Korean version of Super Mario Run. The sad part is that Android users are going to miss out on the event. It will be over before the game is out on their platform, which is scheduled for March. Hopefully, this won’t be the last event of this kind to grace the game.

Although there is a group of vocal players who seem to criticize the game every chance they get, it seems to be doing quite nicely. It was downloaded over 75 million times, and according to Nintendo, about 5% players have paid to unlock the full thing.

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