Final Fantasy XV Update to Add Regalia Off-Road Driving

Final Fantasy XV has some neat updates in store for us in the upcoming months. Square Enix detailed their plans during an Active Time Report that was live streamed today. One of the unexpected features they’ve announced is driving the Regalia off-road, through the wild, with no limits.

Prompto Episode Final Fantasy XV
Episode Prompto expected sometime in June

The major things players can expect are the updates and DLCs – two Booster Packs and Episodes. You can find the stream recording on Square Enix’ Youtube channel. The good people from Gematsu have translated it into English.

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The February 21st update includes more than a few things.

  1. PS4 Pro Full HD 60 fps support
  2. Limited time availability quests – You can accept them only during a certain period. The first ones will be hunts. You can expect limited time fishing quests in the future.
  3. Raised level cap – The experience cap is currently at level 99. With the update, it will be raised to 120.
  4. Photo storage increase – The limit will be increased from 150 to 200 pictures.
  5. New MP3 player – You’ll be able to play music while riding Chocobos. This will be a new item, separate from the one you can already buy – the one that lets you listen to music while on foot.
  6. Booster Pack and Booster Pack Plus – Booster Pack Plus contain the Boost Sword, Dragon Mod (fishing rod) and Aviol (reel). The free version of the Booster Pack contains a Magitek Exosuit. It will make the wearer invincible for 30 minutes, with a 24 hour cooldown.
  7. The March 21st update is related to the Platinum Demo. It will be taken down from PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. Be sure to check it out while you can.

    The March 28th update will polish the final stages of the game, along with Chapter 13. You will also be able to start and play Episode: Gladiolus on this date. The major selling point of the DLC are Gladiolus’ fighting abilities.

    The June update will focus on Episode: Prompto. Find out what depths of horror he has gone through to be reunited with the crew once again. Unlike Gladiolus’ episode, you can expect a deeper story with lots of character development.

    Future updates will bring a free-driving mode for the Regalia. You will be able to get into the car and crash it into the mountain if you like. It is highly unlikely it will replace the Chocobos, but at least the freedom it offers will make it special. Fans can also expect a survey in different regions, in order for Square Enix to find out what players would like to see in the game.

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