Superhot Launch Date on PlayStation 4 Revealed, Includes VR Expansion

Superhot is finally making its way to the PlayStation 4. The stylish first-person action game made its debut in early 2016, and came out on Xbox a few months later. Soon, PS4 players will get to see what it’s all about. Both Superhot, and the standalone Superhot VR expansion, will launch on the PS4 simultaneously.

Superhot Launch Date on PlayStation 4 Revealed, Includes VR Expansion
Superhot Launch Day on PlayStation 4 Revealed, Includes VR Expansion

PlayStation 4 players will get the chance to play Superhot at last. The highly-praised FPS will launch on the PS4 worldwide very soon. The game will launch on July 19th in Europe, July 18th in Australia, and July 21st in North America. Both Superhot and Superhot VR, which is kind of a standalone expansion, will launch at the same time. The PS4 version will have full support of both standard DualShock controllers, as well as PlayStation Move. The current price of Superhot and Superhot VR is $25 each. You can also get both in the Mind is Software bundle for $40.

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For those of you that have somehow missed Superhot, it’s an FPS game with a special gimmick – time only moves when you move. In other words, when you’re standing still, time moves at a snail’s pace. This allows you to slowly asses your situation, see where bullets and enemies are coming from, and move accordingly. The mechanic adds an interesting strategy element to the game, where you plan out your optimal route to dodge bullets and dispatch your opponents.

Another hallmark of Superhot is its pretty unique visual design. All the backgrounds in the level are stark white, items and bullets are black, and enemies are bright red. Other than providing an interesting visual experience, this is also a valuable tool that helps players quickly spot everything important. Superhot also has an overarching narrative, which explains why the world is layed out in such colors, but don’t worry, we won’t spoil anything for you.

You can check out the short Superhot PS4 launch trailer below.

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