Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Online Multiplayer Beta Starting Soon

Pretty soon, fans of soccer (or football, if you prefer) games will have the chance to give Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 a spin. The online multiplayer beta will be available from July 20th to July 31st. During the beta, you’ll be able to play Quickmatch and online cooperative matches. You won’t need PlayStation Plus, apparently, but Xbox Live Gold is a must.

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Online Multiplayer Beta Starting Soon
Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Online Multiplayer Beta Starting Soon

Konami has announced the starting and ending times of the upcoming PES 2018 multiplayer beta on the official website. From July 20th, 8:00 UTC to July 31st 4:00 UTC, willing players will be able to give the new Pro Evolution Soccer a go. In the beta, you’ll be able to test out Quickmatch Mode. You can also try out the online cooperative 3v3 matches.

According to Polygon, the choices of teams will be limited to the Brazilian and French national teams. The stadium you’ll be playing on will be Neu Sonne Arena. Your other choices will be between a daytime and nighttime match, as well as good or rainy weather.

As for online play, there’s a notable disparity between PlayStation and Xbox players. Namely, you won’t need PlayStation Plus to access the beta. However, Xbox owners will need an Xbox Live Gold subscription in order to play. Participating players will be able to fill out survey forms on the game’s official website, and commenting will actually earn them in-game items.

PES global product manager Adam Bhatti has stated on Twitter that this beta is not meant to sell people on the game. It’s a beta to put the online code to the test. However, in the same post, he mentions that there will be “a demo closer to launch based on final game.”

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 is coming out on September 12th, 2017. It will launch on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows.

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