Superverse New Trailer Shows Off Shoot-Em-Up Action

Developer Superverse Industries has released a new trailer for their upcoming brainchild, Superverse. It’s a futuristic shoot-em-up game, where you take control of an AI space ship, on a mission to go back in time and rescue humanity. But, that’s besides the point. It’s a shoot-em-up. Just blast everything that’s in your way! And, judging by the brief gameplay trailer, I think Superverse satisfies that appetite for destruction just fine.

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Superverse New Trailer Shows Off Shoot-Em-Up Action
Superverse New Trailer Shows Off Shoot-Em-Up Action

Do you like colorful shoot-em-ups set in space, in the far future of humanity? Well, esteemed reader of oddly-specific tastes, I think I might have something for you! Superverse is just that kind of game! Or, as it describes itself: “a fast paced, action packed, space shooter game.” In Superverse, you’ll be exploring “an ancient network of interconnected universes, to find a way to return to the past to prevent the extinction of humanity.” You’ll have to rely on your wits, reflexes, speed, and guns. You’ll need them to fight off enemy ships, asteroids, and other dangers of outer space.

Also, the plot of the game seems pretty interesting. Basically, it’s the distant future, and you play as an advanced, AI-controlled spaceship. Apparently, some kind of war broke out between humans and robots, and humanity has been eradicated. Your mission is to try and go back through time, and possibly even space, to a point before humanity’s demise. You’ll have to do so by hopping through wormholes, traveling through multiple different universes. It’s an interesting plot, and I wonder just how many details the game will go into. Shoot-em-ups aren’t usually big on story.

Superverse is entering its early access stage on November 7th. Until then, you can check out the short gameplay trailer below, to see if it tickles your fancy. If it does, or if you wanna keep in the loop about the game, go ahead and visit the Superverse Steam page.

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