The Swords of Ditto Reveal Trailer Released

No, it’s not a gritty Pokemon spin-off in which Ditto takes revenge on the world, much to the dismay of innumerable Pokemen and Pokewomen. Instead, it’s an action RPG developed by Jonathan Biddle and co. It’s coming in early 2018, and the trailer is pretty much all the info we have on it. It will be released on PC and Playstation 4, with help from Devolver Digital.

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swords of ditto reveal trailer
Swords of Ditto

If Jonathan Biddle’s name sounds familiar, you’ve probably played the Stealth Bastard games. Biddle was the driving force behind the two stealth action games, but now he seems to be up to something completely different. A brief description and the trailer below are the only info we have to go on, but it seems to be an action RPG with an overworld and dungeons, with permadeath. There’s a mention of a “unique adventure for each new hero”, which probably means the world and/or dungeons will be procedurally generated for every playthrough.

The trailer suggests your former heroes won’t be forgotten, and there might be a heritage system akin to the one in Rogue Legacy. The characters in the video inherit equipment instead of traits, though. The game looks positively lovely, and you will be able to share the loveliness with a friend via coop. When one of you dies, the other can resurrect them with hugs. You’ll have to fight numerous zombies, flaming skeletons, floating jellyfish, carnivorous plants and other baddies employed by Mormo, a person so unfortunately named they had no choice but to become a cartoon villain.

Apart from enemies, the dungeons will be filled with traps, boss monsters, giant talking animals minding their own business, and some spatial puzzles. Thankfully, we’ll know more once E3 rolls around, which is in a couple of days really. Devolver will be holding a livestream presentation of their upcoming stuff on June 11th.

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