Overwatch Anniversary Dance Emotes Are Event-Exclusive

The second Overwatch Anniversary event is a few days away from wrapping up. Players have been working hard to unlock the extra content during the event, such as Legendary skins and exclusive Dance emotes. People have been wondering whether or not they’ll be able to get those emotes even after the Anniversary wraps up. In short, no.

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Overwatch Anniversary Dance Emotes Are Event-Exclusive
Overwatch Anniversary Dance Emotes Are Event-Exclusive

As with any Overwatch event, the second anniversary is chock-full of extra content that players can get by grinding out loot boxes. Among these are special skins and emotes. During this event, participants have been complaining that the exclusive content is way too sparse. This is probably the reason why Blizzard is ending the event with the Overwatch Double XP Weekend.

That being said, players started wondering whether or not they’ll be able to unlock the dance emotes once the event wraps up. It seems that they where expecting that the availability of the emotes won’t be limited to the duration of the anniversary celebration. DmC Nero asked the question on Twitter, and the official Overwatch account replied, as you can see below.

The news will probably rub a lot of players the wrong way. According to a lot of them, the dance emotes drop rate is pretty slim. On top of that, there’s no way you can acquire them other than through loot boxes. This means that both those that couldn’t participate in the event for whatever reason and those that did play but just weren’t lucky enough will get the short end of the stick.

So, if you want to get you’re hands on the event-exclusive stuff, the Double XP weekend, starting this Thursday, will be your best bet. It might be your last chance to grind them out.

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