Swords of Legends Online Berserker Trailer Revealed

The developers of Swords of Legends Online are releasing more promo material for the game as we approach its launch in the west. Aside from the Reapers, they’ve released a trailer for the Berserker class. These are the barbarians of the game, allowing you to either be DPS or a tank. Let’s get into some more detail about them, shall we?

swords of legends online berserker trailer revealed
Swords of Legends Online Berserker Trailer Revealed

The Berserker has two masteries that you can pursue. One is DPS, the other is more about tanking. The former is fast and brutal with their giant sword, while the latter gets wasted and can thereby soak up more damage. Oh, and summon a wolf whose howls give buffs to your teammates. Here are their official descriptions.

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  • Slayer (DPS) – Combining the essence of Shennong with the finest swordsmanship in the empire, the Slayers slice and dice their way through the front lines regardless of cost, using swift and brutal attacks to bring enemies to their knees before they have a chance to react. Certain skills can create phantom warriors who can be ordered to attack enemies in tandem with the Slayer.
  • Drunken Master (Tank) – Drunken Masters use a specially brewed medicinal wine to make their movements and attacks even wilder and less predictable, granting them a fortuitous edge in combat through their intoxication. They can harness the force of the wind to block enemy attacks or summon a wolf whose howls stir their allies to frenzied action.

So, those are some of the more pertinent details of how the Berserker works in Swords of Legends Online. You can kinda gauge whether you’d like to play as one or not. Of course, there’s no way of knowing for sure until the game launches in the west this summer. In the meantime, you can check out the Berserker trailer below.

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