Swords of Legends Online Introduces Reaper Class

The developers of Swords of Legends Online have released a trailer to introduce you to the Reaper class. They are “disciples of an ancient clan,” which “blurs the lines between life and death.” Reapers use scythes as their main weapon, as you might expect, and they “manipulate the energy of life itself, reawakening allies to new powers and healing fatal injuries.” They can also sneak up on enemies. In other words, they’re either DPS or Support.

sword of legends online introduces reaper class
Swords of Legends Online Introduces Reaper Class

The lore of the Reapers makes them sound real cool, if a little edgelordy. They come from the “depths of the abyss,” where no sunlight ever penetrates. More specifically, they’re from the region of Heavenly Ridge, and they worship the goddess Nüwa. I can only assume that Nüwa is some kind of cthonic goddess of death or something, since Reapers can literally control life forces. Speaking of, let’s focus a bit more on their abilities, shall we?

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The Reaper class has two Masteries that you can choose. The first one is Assassin (DPS), which can “command a range of powerful curses and breed poisonous creatures to deploy in combat.” According to the devs, the Assassins “lie in wait for their enemies, attacking with lightning speed and mercilessly cutting them down with a swing of their scythe.” The second mastery is Occultist (Support), which can sacrifice their own blood to the goddess Nüwa to heal allies. They can also cast buffs onto allies via “special breeds of insects, allowing them to perform beyond their normal capabilities.”

Those are some of the basics of the Reaper class. If you want to see them in action, you can watch the trailer below. Of course, you’ll only truly get a feel of how they play once the game launches in the west, which should be some time this summer. Until then, the trailer will have to do.

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