System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition Now in Development

Nightdive Studios, the developers behind other facelifts of previous System Shock games, have announced that they’re now working on an enhanced edition of System Shock 2. They broke the news via their Twitter account. There’s no other info on the project just yet, but I’d imagine they’re gonna happen before System Shock 3 does.

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System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition Now in Development
System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition Now in Development

With System Shock 3 currently in the works, it only makes sense that the first two entries get some tender love and care. While System Shock and System Shock 2 are cult classic games, they’ve kinda fallen by the wayside ever since Bioshock took the gaming world by storm. They do deserve attention, though, even if they didn’t exactly age gracefully. This especially goes for System Shock 2, which improved upon everything the original did. Well, according to the Nightdive Studios Twitter, an enhanced edition of System Shock 2 is currently in the works.

That’s the only info we have about the project for now, but I’ll be keeping an ear to the ground for this one. This is especially because the developers behind the enhanced edition, Nightdive Studios, are safe hands for the project to be in. They’ve already helmed the previous re-release of System Shock 2 back in 2013. Plus, they’re already working on a remake of the first game in the series. So, yeah, it seems to me that they care about the franchise, so I’m excited to see what they’re cooking up. There’s no launch date or anything yet, but I think I’ll likely play it when it does come out.

System Shock 2 originally launched way back on August 11th, 1999; twenty years ago, almost to the day. At the time, it was available on PC, Linux, Macintosh, DOS, and the Sega Dreamcast. You can also play it currently via Steam or, if you want to.

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