System Shock 3 Coming to Consoles As Well As PC

Starbreeze, the Swedish publisher behind Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and Payday 2, has announced that they’ll be bringing System Shock 3 to both consoles and PC gamers. The company is investing $12 million into the project and working together with OtherSide Entertainment on developing the game. The project is still relatively young, and there’s no release date in sight yet.

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System Shock 3 Coming to Consoles As Well As PC
System Shock 3 Coming to Consoles As Well As PC

System Shock and System Shock 2 are classic cyberpunk action RPGs from the mid and late nineties. Based on battling an evil AI trying to take over, the games were innovative and interesting, and they’ve amassed a large cult following. The fans have been demanding a sequel for almost twenty years now, and it seems that they might just get what they’ve been waiting for for so long.

Starbreeze have signed an agreement with the developers of System Shock 3, OtherSide Entertainment. Starbreeze will provide $12 million for (or possibly through) publishing and promotion, while getting a 120 percent return on the investment, as well as half the revenue after the original investment is recouped. However, this deal will allow OtherSide Entertainment to keep ownership of the System Shock IP, as well as bringing the game to more platforms than just the PC. This probably means that console players will be able to play the game, which will be a System Shock first.

OtherSide Entertainment has two industry giants working together, namely Warren Spector and Paul Neurath. Both of them are veteran game designers that have already worked on previous games in the franchise, though this will be their first time working together on System Shock. It’s hard to imagine a more perfect team to bring the classic franchise back to both the old and new audience. Considering the work that Starbreeze has done recently, both as developers and publishers, there’s every reason to believe that the partnership will result in a fantastic final product.

Of course, there is no release date anywhere on the horizon. That makes sense, seeing how young the project still is. However, there’s one thing we do know, based on the promo work – SHODAN will be making a return. What role it’ll play remains to be seen.

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