Nintendo wants Switch to ship 2 million by the end of March

Nintendo Switch has proven to be quite a popular product. Unlike another popular Nintendo product, the NES Classic Edition, it seems to be have been made in more than 300 copies. In turn, Nintendo has seen excellent sales.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
The Pro controller is a great addition and it is a shame it doesn’t come in the basic Switch package.

The figures from industry analysts state that Switch worldwide sales are at about 1.5 million units. From those, about 0.5 million were shipped in the US alone, with another 360k in Japan. Europe is unaccounted for, except for the UK with 80,000 and France with 100,000 units. This is, of course, just the first week of sales. It makes it quite a comeback for Nintendo after Wii U’s lackluster start in 2012.

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Of course, you might say that it was one game that pulled it off. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has proven a hit with the reviewers and fans alike, reaching the score of 98 at Metacritic. Well, it did not stay there for long, but that is another topic. Not only that, the game started lots of minds working on a number of theories on where it belongs in the Zelda timeline, and it is the first Zelda game ever to receive DLC content.

Even with Zelda, it could be said that Nintendo does not have quite a lineup at this moment, but things are looking to improve. With Mario Kart 8 Deluxe arriving in April, alongside I am Setsuna and another 64 indie games confirmed for 2017, Switch is looking good. The important thing for Nintendo now is to keep the momentum.

Nintendo initial forecasts were hoping to ship 2 million, however, it seemed quite confident. Now, it turns out that even though a bit pricey – according to some – Switch is managing to prove itself worth it. The design and production quality have been praised. Although, some people did have issues with controllers.

In the end, more options on the market can only be good for the players. Here’s to hoping Nintendo Switch does well enough to justify the initial barrier of entry.

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