The Avengers Project Announced, Two Square Enix Studios Working On It

Square Enix have just announced a partnership with Marvel. It includes two of their strongest studios and a bunch of Marvel characters, and it’s going to produce more than one game. For now, though, we barely have more than a name – The Avengers Project. They’ve released a super short teaser, promising more info in 2018.

avengers project announced
The Avengers Project Announced

They’ve announced with a short tweet, and an even shorter video, so there’s not much to go on. It’s going to involve Crystal Dynamics (they of Tomb Raider fame) and Eidos Montreal (the creators of the last two Deus Ex games). The video shows off discarded Avenger equipment – Thor’s hammer, Captain America’s shield, Iron Man’s arm – suggesting something bad has happened to them. But they’re going to reassemble, the lady doing the voiceover assures us. It’s going to be a “multi-game partnership”, which means there are going to be at least two games.

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You shouldn’t hope for more info during this calendar year, though. It’s a strange marketing tactic, especially now when almost everyone is trying to emulate what Bethesda did with Fallout 4. More things will probably happen around the release of the next Avengers film, which is in May 2018. Until then, all we can do is dream.

Considering who’s involved with The Avengers Project, we’re guessing it’s going to be an action game with light RPG elements, heavy on the cutscenes. It will be interesting to see whether they bring the film crew to do the voices, or just go with entirely different actors. It’s a bit sad seeing them focus so much on the core Avengers team when Marvel has so many more interesting characters in their stable, most of which haven’t starred in a videogame of their own yet.

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