Resident Evil 7 How to beat Mutant Jack in the Boathouse

The last time you fight Jack Baker in Resident Evil 7, it’s going to take place in a boathouse. It’s only seconds after Zoe concots a serum to cure you from the infection. A giant, mutated version of Jack breaks through the wall and drags you away. The fight isn’t difficult, but it takes some time. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to kill mutant Jack in the boathouse in Resident Evil 7.

resident evil 7 mutant jack boathouse
Resident Evil 7 Mutant Jack

Jack Boathouse Boss Fight

To prepare for this battle, you should get as much fire grenades as possible, a bunch of shotgun shells and pistol bullets, as well as a decent amount of first aid. Mutant Jack is huge, and has a lot of red eyes all over his disfigured body. These are his weak spots.

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The arena has two floors, and a bunch of ammo scattered around the room. When you first enter, switch to the grenade launcher and start shooting. The grenades do area of effect damage, so they can take out more than one eye with a single shot. When you’ve cleared most of the eyes, that’s when the tedium begins. You’ll now have to lead Jack around the room (across both levels), trying to get him to position himself so you can shoot at the remaining eyes. If you’re in close quarters, use the shotgun. If he’s farther away, you should rely on your handgun. Keep moving all the time, and you shouldn’t get hurt.

After you’ve popped all of the eyes, he’ll enter the second phase. He will only have the one eye on his head now, and this will be your target. There’s almost no way to avoid damage here, so just block when he takes a swing. Make sure to heal after each two or three hits, and keep pumping lead into his eye. When it pops, he’ll sink into the water.

After Zoe appears, he’ll grab you once again, and you’ll have to quickly press a button to inject him with the serum. This will end the battle.

RE7 Mutant Jack Madhouse Difficulty

The main difference between this and normal is that Jack punches harder. You’ll have to use the block much more often, and the ammo from the crates in the arena will become indispensable. You can also use the burner in the second phase. It does a lot of damage, but if you try using it in the first phase, it will make finding the remaining eyes harder.

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    Did you really have to say “the last time”? Seriously? This game just came out. I’m not looking for spoilers. I’m just looking for help. This is the first thing that comes up when you search for this fight on Google so please be a little more considerate with your content.

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    it’s really difficult to kill Jack. I tried it several times. I have a question. How to block? when he attacks?

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    How do get past this part on madhouse difficulty when i have 15 enhanced handgun ammo, 50 handgun ammo, 0 grenade launcher rounds, 23 shotgun shells, 81 flamethrower ammo, and 1-3 first aids?

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