The Dark Pictures: Little Hope Gets A Short Gameplay Video

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope is the next game of The Dark Pictures series. This is an anthology video game series produced by Supermassive Games, known for Until Dawn. Little Hope is the second of the planned eight games. Each title includes a different set of characters put into a classic horror film scenario. This time, we have five characters, four college students and their professor, who are trapped in the town of Little Hope. They will try to escape but otherworldly horrors have different plans. The game is set for release later this summer. If you want to get the taste of it, you can watch the latest gameplay trailer.

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The Dark Pictures: Little Hope Includes Spooky Fog And A Scary Little Girl

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope gameplay trailer lasts for about seven minutes but it feels shorter while you watch it. This is mostly thanks to the game’s spooky atmosphere and a nice flow between exploration and dialogue. The trailer follows one of the students and the professor while they are trying to catch up with the rest of the group. The game has a classic third-person camera and is generally slow-paced, at least during the trailer.

A small girl haunts the pair and it seems like there will be some sort of time travel in the game. Either that or the girl is pretty skilled at creating hallucinations. Supermassive Games’ signature social traits and connections between characters are here. Each dialogue and each answer may tip the social bonds scales between characters. Once the game arrives, players will be able to play as all four students as well as the professor, allowing them to experience the horror from all angles. The Dark Pictures: Little Hope looks pretty solid, more interesting than Man of Medan. You can play it on PC, PS4, and Xbox One later this summer.


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