Tooth and Tail Trailer Shows off Flamethrowing Boars

Tooth and Tail is the upcoming RTS game from Pocketwatch Games, the studio behind multiplayer heist game Monaco. It will let you lead armies of flamethrowing boars and badgers with miniguns. It’s supposed to launch on September 13th, and the team has released a cinematic trailer that explains the plot.

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tooth and tail trailer
Tooth and Tail trailer

If you’ve enjoyed Monaco (and you probably have, since it seems I’m the only person on the planet who hasn’t), you might want to watch out for this one. The authors describe it as a “popcorn RTS”, a distilled interpretation of the genre, which should be easy to pick up and enjoy without worrying about actions-per-minute and the rock-paper-scissors relationships between units.

The factions will be highly customizable, while the maps will be randomly generated, which in theory means you’ll have to learn and adapt, instead of memorize and follow a checklist. It’s being designed for the gamepad, and it’s going to enrich the scant offering of strategy games on Playstation.

The singleplayer campaign is going to tell a gritty tale of shaking up the food chain, with different factions fighting over “who gets to eat and who has to be meat”. However, the multiplayer seems to be the focal point here – it’s going to allow for splitscreen play, with games lasting between five and twelve minutes on average.

One of the folks from Pocketwatch Games took to Reddit to explain how exactly the game will work:

You control the flagbearer. Right Click (or RT) rallies the whole army. Left Click rallies a group. Holding Rally will cause your troops to retreat or focus fire, while releasing it is an attack move. Right Analog Stick (or number buttons or mousewheel) cycles between your unit choices. You can build structures, which automatically produce units, with Space or the A button.

Rather than making multitasking a skill element, we made commander attention a strategic choice. Getting caught out of position can really damage you. Explore, scout, but make sure you return home to defend, or force the opponent onto their back foot to prevent them from scouting your distant undefended base!
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