Top 10 Steam Winter Sale 2016 Games - Price & Discount Info

Steam Winter Sale 2016 is now live and will last until January 2nd, 2017. This years’ sale kicks in with the first ever Steam Awards. A bunch of games are being sold with nice discounts, so it’s the perfect time to catch up and get some of the titles you’ve missed during the year.

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Steam Winter Sale 2016
Steam Winter Sale 2016

Top 10 Steam Winter Sale 2016 Games

With the year behind us, a lot of people would wonder what titles will be discounted. Since there are so many great games, we’ve decided to show the 10 we felt are the most fun.

Name of the GameRelease DateDiscountOld $/€ PriceNew $/€ Price
NBA 2K17Sep 20, 2016-30%59.99/49.9941.99/34.99
Dark Souls IIIApr 11, 2016-50%59.9929.99
Deus Ex: Mankind DividedAug 23, 2016-67%59.99/49.9919.79/16.49
Dishonored 2Nov 11, 2016-33%59.9940.19
DoomMay 13, 2016-67%59.9919.79
Tom Clancy’s The DivisionMar 8, 2016-50%49.9924.99
XCOM 2Feb 5, 2016-50%59.99/49.9929.99/24.99
Mafia IIIOct 7, 2016-35%59.99/49.9938.99/32.49
Watch Dogs 229 Nov, 2016-33%59.9940.19
Street Fighter VFeb 16, 2016-67%59.9919.79

Of course, this is just a glimpse of what you can find in the store. There are thousands of titles and discounts. Many of them are not even part of the winter sale. If you are planning to buy any of them, be sure to check when the discount ends.

More Winter Sale 2016 Deals

A great number of games on the sale are not from this year. That is not a reason to pass them by, if you haven’t bought them already.

Name of the GameRelease DateDiscountOld $/€ PriceNew $/€ Price
Fallout 4Nov 10, 2015-67%59.9919.79
The Witcher 3May 18, 2015-50%39.99/29.9919.99/14.99
Just Cause IIIDec 1, 2015-75%59.99/49.9914.99/12,49
Dying Light: The FollowingJan 26, 2015-60%59.99/49.9923.99/19.99
Cities: SkylinesMar 10, 2015-75%29.99/27.997.49/6,99
Grand Theft Auto VApr 14, 2015-50%59.9929.99
Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveAug 21, 2012-33%14.99/13.9910.04/9.37
Rocket LeagueJul 7, 2015-40%19.9911.99
ARK: Survival EvolvedJun 3, 2015-60%29.99/27.9911.99/11.19
Arma 3Sept 12, 2013-50%39.99/34.9919.99/17.49

There are many, many games that are not mentioned above. Games like Darkest Dungeon (with -50%: 12.49/13.74), Grim Dawn (with -45%: 13.74), Sid Meier’s Civilization VI (with -10%: 53.99), Planet Coaster (with -15%: 38.24)…

Remember that the Steam is not the only online store that offers these discounts. Especially not this close to New Year’s Eve. Value your money and check the other (non-shady) stores before you make up your mind.

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