Final Fantasy 15 MA-X Angelus-0 Boss - How to kill giant robot

MA-X Angelus-0 is a boss in Final Fantasy XV. It’s a giant, bipedal robot you can find wandering the desert. The mech is level 99 and pretty tough. When you kill it, there’s a chance it’ll drop the Magitek Suit V2, one of the best accessories in the game. Sadly, the drop chance is pretty low, so you might be stuck having to kill it dozens of times. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to kill MA-X Angelus-0 fast in Final Fantasy 15.

ffxv ma-x angelus-0 boss
MA-X Angelus-0 Boss

Where to find MA-X Angelus-0 in FF15

There’s no set location where you can find this enemy. It will spawn via Imperial dropship at a couple of places, but you’re stuck waiting and reloading until it shows up. The best location is next to the camping spot north of Hammerhead garage. Stand there and wait for the dropship. If it’s not the boss, either reload or kill the cannon fodder and wait for the next one (should appear about 30 seconds after the fight ends).

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How to kill MA-X Angelus-0 fast in FFXV

Preparation is key here. You’ll need specific weapons, items and food. Here’s the best way to prepare:

  1. Get the Zwill Crossblades from Randolph. If you need more details, take a look at our best weapons in FFXV guide.
  2. Use the rest of the slots to equip the Armigers with the highest damage output.
  3. Make sure you equip accessories that increase your damage, like the Dark Matter Bracelet.
  4. Bring several Power EX and Muscle Stimulant potions.
  5. Camp at the nearby site and eat the Golden Tail Soup. It will make all your attacks critical hits.

The fight itself shouldn’t take longer than five minutes, provided you’ve prepared well. Here are some things to keep in mind during combat:

  • Start the fight in easy mode, and make sure you’ve unlocked Carbuncle. You’ll need to let the boss kill you to get Carbuncle’s buff.
  • The boss’ weak spot is the rocket launcher on its back.
  • The arms have extra protection, but breaking them will make the boss vulnerable.
  • Use Ignis’s Enhancement skill to increase your damage output.
  • Chug Muscle Stimulants and Power EXs to further enhance your attack.

Fastest way to kill MA-X Angelus-0 boss

Since the release of the Holiday Pack, another way to kill this boss fast has been discovered. To make it work, you’ll need:

  • Zwill Crossblades
  • Armiger Accelerator accessory
  • Power EX potion

Once the boss appears, chug the potion and start slamming away. When the armiger bar is full, activate the skill and milk it until it’s empty. You’ll only have to do this twice before the robot is dead, and it should take you a bit more than a minute.

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  1. D

    So i got a different version of this boss to spawn, it was lvl 76 and dropped a Hydraulic Cylinder
    I’m curious if there are multiple bosses that can spawn from the drop ships

  2. A

    This boss is overrated, I dunno why people says this boss is hard to kill

    Took me 3 – 4 mins with “normal” way, no potion buffs, no food buffs, no carbuncle buffs crap, no summoning and no armigar attack

    Just warp strike at the core body (you need to target it properly, aim at the body) I did 2500+ per strike easily, repeat till boss is dead . . .

    1. A

      Nevermind, apparently I fought the weaker version of Angelus (or mistaken as it was Angelus)

      Now I found real one that drop Magitek Suit, just bit more challenge but still nothing different than weaker one

      The trick is keep Ignis alive for buffs and use Apocalypse for super attack buff when low HP, I can still hit this bastard 2000+ per warp strike, dodge incoming as necessary but mostly just spam warp strike at the body part and ether up or warp point recovery

      Still overrated IMHO

      1. D

        What does the Magitek Suit do?

        1. Magitek suit V2 is an accessory item. Gives +2,000HP, +100strength, +70vitality, but it has really, really low drop rate chance. Something around 5%.

        2. A

          Lokesh answered the question already

          You get Magitek Suit as reward (100% drop), its still good accessory because its gave you HP STR and VIT boost by +1000 HP +70 STR +VIT something

          V.2 is higher stats but rare drop, good hunting

      2. A

        you’re full of shit haha. I’m lvl 92 which seems to matter for nothing in this game as no matter where I hit, it does max 58 fckin dmg, no matter what weapon i choose, even armiger, every strike does a couple hundred max, no food no buffs? and even then, the damn thing moves and it automatically does 9999, this isn’t hard it’s just bs.

        1. L

          Use the ceberus as it has a high chance to severe the limbs go for arms and rocket launcher. It helps as its easier to dodge at range and it becomes vulnerable after severing the limbs.

      3. T

        I actually had a rare weird occurence where Razortails were in my fight and this triggered Shiva to summon. She did literally next to nothing to its HP, and im level 99. I’m not sure what’s causing people to be able to take it down easily, but even with double DM bracelet and magitek suit equipped with all strength boosting weapons equipped + golden tail soup… I still hit at most 300 per vulnerable item(not the legs). The only time I get hits of 1-3k are when Gladio(equipped with Dual Code and Black Belt) accidentally strikes one of the vulnerable parts with Dawnhammer LinkStrike. So I call absolute 100% bullshit on these easy takedowns.

        1. R

          O.K. But you are wrong. Just watch a couple of YouTube vids and you’ll see people do it very, very, quickly. It can be done quickly in a number of ways. My method is:

          3 dark matter accessories
          critical food
          ideally a full armiger

          i) die to get the Carbuncle Buff
          2) 2-3 enhancements from Ignis+ Power EX and muscle stimulant
          3) go to town on his nose

          Here you should have about half of his life gone

          4)equip armiger accelerator
          5)fill it armiger
          6) switch back to dark matter ring
          7) get tech bar full
          8) enhancement and strength buff
          9) Armiger at nose
          = Dead
          I timed it once and it took just under 4 minutes.

          1. X

            And coming up on it randomly without prep, even with power ex, enhancement, dark matter, the armiger still only does like 300 damage on crits at level 99 with pretty much everything unlocked. No clue what a carbuncle buff is, but just that shouldn’t be able to increase it by so damn much, been fighting it for like half an hour and it’s only at half health.

        2. M

          Yeah, the difference is, the people talking about how easy it is are doing it on EASY difficulty in game. That’s how they get the carbuncle buff. On normal difficulty it’s an absolute nightmare.

          1. G

            Yeah, exactly. Anyone doing this quickly is doing it on EASY mode gameplay.

            This thing is a real PITA! I’m at LVL 99, and it took me the better part of an hour, lol.

  3. B

    I cant get this boss to spawn ever. I spent many hours trying and never saw him once. Killed patria which supposedly allows angelus to spawn. Must be some other requirement i dont know about. Not worried about it though. At lvl 99 with my ascension maxed out a couple thousand hp isnt going to change anything very much.

  4. Y

    Spawned 2x in a row after an omen crawls upon the ground bounty. Kill two snakes then wander for a few in the crater then boom…

  5. S

    It’s not a joke. Fought it accidentally with an empty stomach.Dump tons of potions, elixirs, Phoenix only to get its hp dropped down y 5%. Yeah, Armiger in 3 slots, Fira, Blizzardra, thundera hit no more 100 per strike. Seriously bs.

  6. I

    I encountered this bugger at level 76. I had just finished A Menace Sleeps in the Grotto and decided to kill the Midgardsormer on the way out. This thing ambushed me while I was killing the snake. So here I am 23 levels below this thing, still taking out the darn snake, no buffs, no prep, had like no Phoenix Downs. I don’t even have Zwills yet. Nor did I know to strike the core, I’m trying to take out a leg. Lol. Needless to say after chewing up a bunch of potions and realizing he wasn’t taking any damage I peaced out of there. Next time I’ll be ready.

    1. G
      Gerardo Perez De La Torre

      The same exact thing happened to me. I thought my game glitched because after 10 mins his health was pretty much the same, I am lvl 99.

    2. M

      It spawned on me during the “An Omen Sleeps” hunt, the one with the two lv 68 snakes. The game kept dropping soldiers on me, then a mech, then it dropped out of nowhere. I was at 80, managed to kill the snakes and the soldiers then attempted to defend myself and Leviathan popped out and she didn’t even scratch him. I just had to high tail it as fast as I could.

  7. L

    New method, kill it super easy.
    Food. Like 150 str or crit food.
    Die for carby
    Use prompto piercer
    Ignis enhancement
    Wepon. Ragnarok and royal arms that give str
    Acessories youe best str ones
    Warp strikw with ragnarok at its core. Was doing 9000 ish dmg per warp

  8. F

    A new way to kill it in seconds is to use Ring of the Lucii’s Alterna

  9. T
    thomas ofallon

    I met him coming out of greyshire grotto after beating the menace and was getting beat pretty good-i was fighting the big snake by the river and then out of nowhere im getting pummeled and i was level 85 and didnt have carbuncle or any of the stuff everyone is talking about-after using a few mega pheonixs and a leviathon summon i used the ring of luci and it sucked him up-easy peasy!!!sure wish i got that level two suit-but i was happy with the level 1

  10. T
    Toan Tran

    I used the Ring of the Lucii and it instant killed him, love the rng.

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