Total War: Warhammer 2 Trailer Showcases Dark Elves

There’s a new trailer for Total War Warhammer Hammer 2, and it’s all about the dark elves. Not the emo kind, though – these are ruthless, malicious and powerful warriors we’re talking about here. The new video explains their motivations, what they want with the Vortex, and how they plan to accomplish it.

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total war warhammer 2 dark elves trailer
Total Warhammer 2 Dark Elves

Basically, they’re unhappy because regular elves don’t want them around, while they think they should definitely be around. Even more around than other kinds of elves. They’re being lead by the Witch King of Naggorath, a particularly nasty individual with lots of horns atop his helmet. He’s Warhammer’s version of Darth Vader, it would seem.

After the initial explanation, the trailer cuts to them attacking a high elf city using dragons and black magic. The high elves have fany ornate armor, and they’re not strangers to magicking things up, but everyone knows the prefix “dark” always denotes an upgraded version. They quickly end up burried under the smouldering remains of their city, after the Big Bad summons a fire-breathing hydra to his aid.

After they’ve razed the settlement, his mother approaches him to congratulate him on his revenge. In a not so surprising twist, he tells her that he’d only just begun. Which was funny, cause before that, the trailer painted her as the sneaky advisor whispering in his ear. Turns out bigger horns really mean more evil.

We’ve already seen both the uppity high elves and the wild lizardmen in action. Now we only need to see what the rat people look like to complete the collection (spoiler: they look like rats). Creative Assembly will no doubt release a Skaven trailer before the game is out. If they don’t, which is highly unlikely, we’ll just have to wait until launch, which is scheduled for September 28th.

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