Heroes of the Storm July 14th Weekly Brawl is Garden Arena

Heroes of the Storm Garden Arena weekly brawl lasts from July 14-21. To claim its prize, you’ll need to play three brawl matches. Keep in mind that the brawl victories don’t count toward the “Sun’s Out, Guns Out” prize content entry.

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Heroes of the Storm July 14th Weekly Brawl is Garden Arena
Heroes of the Storm July 14th Weekly Brawl is Garden Arena

This is not the first time we’ve seen Garden Arena in the rotation. If you’ve been playing the weekly brawl December 9-16, you were one of the first who tried it. The second time was a few months later, in March 2017. This its third time, just right after the previous Bloodlust Brawl.

This is also the brawl where you can check out the new stuff implemented in the new update 2.6.3. Alexei Stukov, who made his appearance in the Nexus just a couple of days ago, is in the rotation for the brawl. If you are lucky enough, you can test him out, and smash your enemies!


  • Choose from one of three randomly selected Heroes before entering the Arena. Be quick about it though, you only have 30 seconds to choose!
  • Everyone will begin the round at level 10 and will be asked to choose a Heroic Ability. No other talents will be available.
  • During each round, slay the enemy team’s Heroes and capture Seeds from the Garden Terror and its Shamblers.
  • The first team to gather 100 Seeds wins the round!
  • The first team to win two rounds will claim victory!

Additional Information:

  • Regeneration Globes are twice as potent.
  • There’s a small chance of all players being the same Hero.

To receive this week’s brawl reward, you’ll need to complete three matches of Garden Arena; it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose. The reward is a loot chest.

For the players who expected Pull Party once more, this was certainly bad news. Let’s hope we can end the summer event “Sun’s Out, Guns Out” with this interesting brawl.

This is also the same week where the heroes Arthas and Cho’gall are on sale for 312 and 375 gems. The sales item rotation also includes skins, like Festering Butcherlisk, Voidclaw Rehgar, Chaos AzGul’dan, Angelic Corruptor Cho’gall, Flame Warmaster Chen, Glam Metal E.T.C. Two featured mounts are Tyrael’s Charger and Glorious 2017 Championship Banner.

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