Tyranny Gets One DLC Pack, Another On The Way

Tyranny, an RPG where you are the bad guy, just got a piece of DLC fresh from the oven. It’s called Tales from The Tiers, and the developers at Obsidian are calling it an “event pack”. They’ve also announced another DLC, called Bastard’s Wound, which is expected to launch before the year is over.

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tyranny bastard's wound announced
Tyranny DLC

Tales from The Tiers is being sold for $7, and it enriches the game with “new travel map events, encounters, and side stories”. You’ll get more random encounters that can lead to quests, involving your companions and other NPCs. There are 40 new vignettes to find on your travels, which will allow you to learn more about the characters and locations from the game.They’ve also added some new items, as well as new ways to improve relationships with your party members and other groups.

A free update was released alongside the DLC. It adds New Game Plus to Tyranny, as well as a way to respec your skills. Everybody can appreciate that one – it’s easy to make mistakes while leveling up, but living with them can be a pain.

The other DLC, the one that isn’t out yet, is called Bastard’s Wound. It will let you explore an illegal settlement in the Tiers, where refugees are trying to eke out a living. At some point, you’ll get to decide what to do with them. The DLC also promises “a closer look” at the world of Beastmen, but doesn’t go into detail. There will be three new companion quests in it, which will affect your relationships with Verse, Barik, and Lantry, along with giving you a glimpse of their respective histories.

This one will also bring a free update with it, one which will give us new voice acting and an entirely new ending, which will probably be triggered by staying loyal to Kyros throught the whole game.

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