Hellion Content Update 0.2 Launches June 22nd, Brings New Features

Developers Zero Gravity have announced that they’re preparing a huge content update for their game Hellion. The update should fix up some of the issues that the players have been pointing out. Also, Hellion Update 0.2 will include further optimization and stability, better navigation and flight, as well as improved inventory changes, ship and station customization, and more.

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Hellion Content Update 0.2 Launches June 22nd, Brings New Features
Hellion Content Update 0.2 Launches June 22nd, Brings New Features

The update focuses on stuff the community asked for most vocally, including a proper tutorial and playable female character. Here’s what Marko Smiljanic, Creative Director at Zero Gravity, had to say about the new patch:

We have addressed the issues raised by the players and critics and are proud to announce the upcoming Hellion update 0.2. Along with improved navigation, enhanced flight systems and overall optimization, the new update will bring additional content such as a loot distribution system dividing the solar system into civilian, industrial and military zones as well as an elaborate security system including authorization, a locking and unlocking system and defense turrets.

Apart from that, you can expect new items and weapons, new world events (doomed outposts) and more customization options across the board. It’s a hefty thing, that 0.2. Here’s a trailer that shows off the shiny new stuff:

In case you aren’t familiar with it, Hellion is a space-survival game by Zero Gravity. In it, you play a space colonist who wakes up from cryosleep in the 23rd century, only to find the entire colonisation effort in complete disrepair. Everything went to hell, and your priority is survival. You have the freedom to choose how you go about it – you can scavenge space wrecks, become a space bandit, or try to become a citizen of space, cultivating good neighborly relations and trying to establish the colony you were sent there to form. The game is currently out on Steam Early Access.

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