Ubisoft Reveals Riders Republic Year One Content

Ubisoft reveals the content for Riders Republic Year One post-launch today, and it looks amazing! Released at the end of October, this game lets you take on downhill races in massive multiplayer solo or team experiences. Ubisoft promise it will provide races of epic proportions and even more epic fails. Year one will see a range of exclusive content for pass owners. Read on as we tell you about the Rider Republic year one roadmap.

Ubisoft Reveals Riders Republic Year One Content
Ubisoft Reveals Riders Republic Year One Content

The first day of launch will see a grand celebration. This will provide several multiplayer modes for you to take part in. Owners of the year one pass will get exclusive rocket bikes and rocket skis.

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The first season will bring winter. Exclusive skins and content with seasonal themes will become available to pass owners. A host of special-themed events and activities will also take place. Season two will introduce an epic Showdown Multiplayer Mode for team races.

Of all the seasons, three looks the most exciting. The BMX career will begin along with the BMX season. New sponsors and a legendary cosmetics bundle will come with it. New arenas and dedicated playgrounds will give you a place to fine-tune your skills.

Ubisoft Riders Republic Pre Order and Early Access

Players who pre-order Riders Republic will get the Bunny Pack custom outfit. A blue bunny head and rainbow snowboard will also be theirs. The year one content can be bought standalone, or you can pre-order the Gold and Ultimate game editions. The year one pass gives access to rocket skis and a rocket bike along with 7-day early access.

The Gold Edition has the year one pass. It gives you the base game with eight exotic kits to change your gameplay. You get access to all the content in the coming seasons.

The Ultimate Edition offers all the Gold Edition Rewards. You also get four limited cosmetic packs. These include the Cosmic, Rainbow, Neon, and Skull styles. You also get 20 helicopter tickets to reach summits faster.

Riders Republic by Ubisoft will launch its content on the 28th of October. It is available on current and next-generation Xbox and Playstation consoles, Stadia and Windows PC. Check back here for guides and updates.

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