New World Corrupted Silver - How to Get

You need to know how to get corrupted silver in New World, as it helps give you access to the first expedition. They are one of the many resources available in the game. However, they are much harder to find than other resources. To get them, you need to finish corrupted breaches and loot breach caches. Read on as we help you get corrupted sliver in New World.

New World Corrupted Silver – How to Get

How to Get Corrupted Sliver New World

Corrupted silver comes from major corrupted breaches, which will show up on your map. They should respawn every hour. You will need to close these portals, and enemies will respawn from them until you do. They can only close using the Azoth staff. Our guide here can help you get your hands on one. Once done, you will gain access to a loot drop.

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Unfortunately, corrupted slivers will not be in every major breach cache. They are quite difficult to close, so it is best to go in with a party. Around five players should do. Minor corrupted breaches will not contain any slivers at all.

One of the most important uses for corrupted slivers is for creating tuning orbs. These act as keys in New World, giving you access to expeditions. You can craft these items on the stone cutting table, and you will need one to make the Armine Tuning Orb and take part in the first expedition.

You will gain one of these through the main quest. However, if you fail, you need to make a new one. The Amrine Tuning Orb requires one eternal heart, fifty stone blocks, one iron chisel, and ten corrupted slivers. You will need a tier-three stonecutting table and a level 25 in cutting.

Slivers can also craft corrupted fragments and corrupted shards. These ingredients make high-level tuning orbs. They will help you access the more dangerous and lucrative expedition areas.

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