Unturned Leaves Early Access, Gets Germany Map

After a three year stint in Steam early access, Unturned has finally been released for realsies. The popular zombie survival game is a one man effort after all, so it deserves some slack. This latest update also added the Germany map, as well as a couple of new items. It’s still as free as ever, thankfully.

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unturned leaves early access
Unturned leaves early access

In case you haven’t noticed the game earlier – and you should have, since it’s been hovering just below the mark of Steam’s top ten most played since it’s original release – it’s a third person zombie survival game. It’s basically what DayZ should’ve been, but with blocky Minecraft graphics. The look might be offputting to some, but there’s real depth here. I’ve fooled around with it a bit way back when, and it was good fun even before it was fully functioning.

And now it has a fancy forest map with a castle! Here’s what the developer had to say about Germany:

Germany is a new large sandbox survival map trying out several gameplay twists. It’s more vertically oriented than any previous map with medium cliffs in the East blending into towering mountains in the West. It’s more spaced out than Russia and has increased military presence similar to Washington including Coalition encampments. For the first time the military is using a mix of Military and Ranger grade weaponry. It also makes use of the features I’ve been adding the past couple months through areas like a submerged town with the most useful loot deepest underwater, cascading waterfalls, a burning crash site with primarily burning zombies, pathfinding for zombies over the city rooftops and quite a few underground locations.

I realise most people are sick of both zombies and survival, the two combined especially, but if there’s one such game you should try, it’s Unturned. Again, it’s free, so the most you’ve got to lose is an afternoon.

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