War Thunder April Fools 2023 Mobile Infantry

War Thunder is all about those scary machines of war, but what about infantry? Well, the latest War Thunder April Fools 2023 update is all about infantry units in War Thunder. Read on to learn everything about this year’s April 1st event, including new units, new mechanics, and more!

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War Thunder April Fools 2023 Mobile Infantry

War Thunder Mobile Infantry April Fools 2023

First things first! While we can not officially confirm or deny this, the “War Thunder Mobile Infantry” open beta testing is almost certainly just an elaborated April Fools’ 2023 joke. However, the best part is that this is a really high-quality joke, with a real trailer and all the models fully rendered and animated in-game.

For this year’s joke, developers are “introducing” Mobile Infantry in exo-suits, which is a far cry from the more realism-based vehicular combat of War Thunder. “Commanders! We’re happy to share our plans for infantry units in War Thunder,” says the official blog post. “Today we’re talking about how we see troops in the game and invite you into the first open testing session. Unlike the combat vehicles testing, we decided to start with the top-tier units of the infantry line-up, featuring the most advanced soldier equipment, which is a prospective of modern warfare trends.”

This War Thunder April Fools 2023 joke introduces four types of Mobile Infantry combat classes. These are Assault, Sniper, ATGM operator, and MANPADS operators. Despite this being a joke, each unit has extremely detailed 3D models made in the game’s engine. And to be perfectly frank, we’re amazed by the level of detail and effort put into this just for the sake of a joke. What’s more, even many fans are not sure if this is real or a joke due to sheer quality. Would you like this to be a real thing added to the game as a game mode?

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