Warframe New War Release Date, Caliban, Harrow Prime

The Warframe New War release date has been revealed, along with Harrow Prime and a new Warframe named Caliban. Announced in the final dev stream of the year, these upgrades come with a whole new storyline. New War will give you some prerequisites you need to complete before embarking on the next challenge. Read on as we tell you everything you need to know about Caliban and Harrow Prime in Warframe.

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Warframe New War Release Date, Caliban, Harrow Prime
Warframe New War Release Date, Caliban, Harrow Prime

Warframe New War Release Date

The New War expansion for Warframe will release on December 15th, 2021. In the expansion, you take charge of a brand-new playable character. As well as a new story a host of accessories and upgrades are also on the way. The pinnacle of this is a Warframe named Caliban.

Harrow Prime Warframe

Harrow Prime will also be available at the New War release date. He will come with two signature weapons. So far, the only confirmed one is the Scourge Prime. A speargun with a secondary throwing option, it is an upgrade to the regular Scourge. Faster loading, increased critical chances, critical multiplier, base damage, and radial attack damage are its additions.

As well as this, Harrow Prime itself will get an upgrade. This includes increase shield capacity and higher energy. All this makes it a formidable addition.

Warframe Caliban Abilities

Caliban will be the latest Warframe to enter the game. It will have a varied kit made from a host of abilities. This will be available on December 15th when New War releases.

  • Razor Gyre is a spinning attack. It allows you to increase damage then dash towards enemies.
  • Sentient Wrath provides the ability to hit the ground and create a destructive wave. It kills enemies or causes sustained damage.
  • Lethal Progeny allows you to call upon Conculyst comrades. They can assist you in battle or repair shields.
  • Fusion Strike is a combination of three blasts that strip armor from enemies.
  • Passive Adaptive Armor provides allies in the immediate vicinity with increased resistance.

No doubt all of these abilities will be added to in the near future. This should also include the second weapon for Harrow Prime. Check back here for all your Warframe updates.

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