We Happy Few Delayed, Developers Offering Refunds

We Happy Few, the psychedelic first person roguelike set in a dystopian future, has been delayed. Initially slated for an April release, the game has been pushed back to summer. According to the developers, it’s content complete, but they’d like to polish it some more, which is fine by us. Polish makes the heart grow fonder.

we happy few delayed
We Happy Few Delayed, Developers Offering Refunds

In the same blog post in which they’ve announced the delay, the developers discuss the fact that they’re going to offer refunds on Steam to all interested players, regardless of play time or date of purchase. It seems some weren’t happy with the amount of stuff they got in the early access version, or the asking price. They claim the game has grown considerably since the last update, but since they won’t be adding any more stuff to the version you can try at the moment, they understand how some players might be unhappy with the state of affairs. If you’re one of them, you can rest easy knowing you’ll soon be able to refund your purchase.

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They’re also going to disable the buy button on Steam near the end of January, so as to prevent further confusion. The button will return shorty before the game’s release, a precise date for which hasn’t been set yet. The trailer they’ve released alongside the blog post shows off some new bits of gameplay as well. If you’re in a hurry, the footage starts at about 2:25. If you’re in even more of a hurry, here’s what you’ll miss: spraying an angry mob with perfume, jumping over laser beams in a posh building (like that one scene in that one Ocean’s movie), catching imaginary butterflies with a net, beguiling an older gentleman and meeting a confused Arthur Hastings in a back alley.

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