When is Night Market in Valorant April 2022

The Valorant Night Market is set to return this April! One of the things that players love so much about Valorant is Riot’s innovative approach to skin design. Skin designers in Riot Games have showcased some excellent craftsmanship. The level of details and unique characteristics of Valorant’s skins have raised the skin-making game to a higher level. Unfortunately, many Valorant weapon skins are not permanently available for purchase. They are time-limited and tied to specific events or seasons. And that’s why players are so excited about the return of the Night Market. Here’s when is next Valorant Night Market in 2022.

When is Night Market in Valorant April 2022

When is The Night Market in Valorant April 2022

The Night Market in Valorant is essentially a unique, time-limited offer tailored for each player. It is a set of six randomized weapon skins that you can purchase, usually heavily discounted. They appear as six cards (coloured by their rarity), which you can flip and reveal which skin is hiding behind. The thing is, each player will receive an offer of six unique skins. You can then purchase these skins if you wish so, just like you buy other skins in the store. These skins can be either from the previous battle pass, or from some previous bundle that is no longer available.

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Night Market in Valorant April 2022

“At least 2 Premium Edition or higher skins are guaranteed to appear, and you won’t get more than 2 offers for the same type of weapon,” reads the official explanation. You can even come across some Exclusive Melee weapon skins if you are lucky enough. The next Night Market is now live! It has started on April 7th 2022. April’s Valorant Night Market will last for two weeks, and it will end on April 20th. And there you have it, prepare your Radianite Points and if you are lucky enough, you might get exactly what you hoped for!

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